The Old Elevator

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Since 1912, we have dedicated ourselves to providing natural options for your lawn and pasture seed, animal feed, and meat. 

Look to The Old Elevator for lawn and pasture seed, animal feed, and meat supply. We know you need value when it comes to feeding your family, (four-legged and winged members included)! We raise our beef, pork, and fish in the environment nature intended. You deserve to know where your food comes from. We're honest with every customer regarding every purchase of our feeds, seeds, and meat. 

We know this stuff. We're on the farms that use our seed products and allow our livestock to thrive happily and healthy. Grow your own food. Grow your own lawn. Grow your own family. Starting here at The Old Elevator.  

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If you're looking for bird seed, feeders, or trying to identify a frequent flyer to your bird house, we have what you're looking for! We also prepare custom blended bird seed for your convenience. 


The grass should be greener on your side of the fence. Our turf seed options allow you to have the best looking lawn or pasture in the area. Let your children play and your animals roam on the greenest, fullest grass. 


Natural Food

All of our meat comes from farms right here in Ohio. Our fish comes from Heartland Farms in Fredericktown, while. the rest of our natural meat comes from Valley Farms in Ashland. We work every day to give you the best quality of grass-fed beef, free-range pork, and nutritious fish. 

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